Hope under Dinmore Neighbourhood Plan – adopted

Herefordshire Local Plan 2021

Neighbourhood Development Plan – final version

Hope-under-Dinmore and Newton NDP May 2018

Referendum Result – Thanks for all your support!

In favour of NDP 79.1%   Against 21.9%  Turnout 37.95

Notice of Referendum Announced 

Hereford Council have just published the formal notification for the referendum on adopting the Neighbourhood Plan which will take place on Thursday 12th July. Voting will take place in the Village Hall.

A copy of the notice is posted below.

Latest News on the NDP  – May 2018

The independent examiner report has been received. It is generally very supportive, but unfortunately still does not accept the designation of an protected green space in the village. Nevertheless, the bulk of the draft NDP stands, and the revised settlement boundaries will be crucial in protecting the open fields at the heart of the village.

The next part of the process is to update the NDP based on the examiners recommendations. This will be complete by the end of May and with all being well the NDP will be ready for a parish wide referendum in early July.

Some new documents are attached below for your information, including the amended Habitats Regulation Assessment, Environmental Report and the critical map of settlement boundaries.

Update – January 2018

The revised Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan has recieved the approval of Herefordshire Council to be resubmitted to an independent examiner. The previous examiner was happy with the bulk of our plan but did not agree with our request to designate the field behind Tavern Meadow as a ‘local green space’. The revised plan includes all of his recommendations plus additional information and evidence, including the results of a questionnaire, which we feel answers his concerns in relation to the local green space designation.
Our original plan was to resubmit the draft plan to the original examiner, but because of the delay we have decided to approach a new examiner, hopefully one who will have had more experience of similar rural parishes.
We are currently awaiting feedback from these approaches.



The Steering Group are pleased to be able to publish the results of the Neighbourhood Planning Questionnaire distributed earlier this year. The detailed results have been professionally analysed by our consultant and can be read in detail by clicking on the links below (NDP Results Report and NDP Comments listing). The NDP Results Report contains all the graphs and analyses of the survey, the NDP Comments Listing contains all the comments received in the completed returns.

The results of this survey will be used to form the outline village plan which will eventually become the subject of a parish wide referendum.

What Is It?

In 2011 the government introduced the Localism Bill which enables local communities to have more control of the planning process in their area through Neighbourhood Plans.

Although developed by residents these plans have to conform to the planning guidelines of the Local Authority – particularly those set out in the Herefordshire Core Strategy published earlier this year.

Why Is It Important?

For many years any sort of development in the village and surrounding countryside has been severely restricted.

The Herefordshire Core Strategy has identified Hope under Dinmore and Newton as villages where development is allowed to take place within certain guidelines – an average of 15% between now and 2030 – roughly 20 or so new houses.

This means that there is now a potential for housing development to take place within the village on any land that the local planning department consider suitable.

Why a Neighbourhood Plan?

We cannot stop the growth of the village, but by creating a Neighbourhood Plan, local residents can determine the site, size and scope of any developments.

Once a plan has been set up it has to be put to a referendum of all villagers and if approved will become legally binding.

There is a small Steering Group working on developing the plan with help from a professional consultant -if you would like to be involved, please contact Kathy Clarkson on 01568 615149

Following the Open Days held earlier this year a draft Vision and Objectives for our Neighbourhood Plan has been developed based on comments received:-

That the villages of Hope-under-Dinmore and Newton retain their natural beauty and rural character and residents feel safe, happy and part of a thriving open community.


  • New homes will be built in small numbers, in a style and setting sympathetic to the nature of the village and surrounding countryside. Any developments must not have an adverse impact on flooding in the village.
  • Residents will be able to access local open spaces for leisure activities.
  • Transport links will be maintained and developed so that residents without cars are not isolated.
  • Queenswood Country Park will be preserved and open access maintained.
  • Local amenities such as the church and village hall will be looked after and respected.
  • Local infrastructure will be improved to reduce flooding risk and roads and footpaths kept safe and well maintained.
  • Local businesses including farming will be encouraged and supported.

A plain English guide to the Localism Act. The section on Neighbourhood Plans is on page 12.


NDP Comments listing

NDP results report

Neigh. Plan 31.7.14

neighbourhood plan comments form


NeighPlanMinutes 21.02.14

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Questionnaire complete

Action Plan

Consultation and Publicity Notice

draft development plan for consultation

Environmental report

Feedback from Open Day Events




Habitats Regulations Assessment


housing site assessments

Village Map May 2018

Habitat Regulations Assessment May 2018

Enironmental Report May 2018

Referendum Notice