Minutes 13th July 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 13th July2017 at 7.00 pm in Hope under Dinmore Village Hall

Parish Councillors: Cllr. N Ramsay; Cllr. Mrs K Clarkson; Cllr John Stone; Cllr J Pritchard; Cllr Leslie Legge (Chair); Cllr A Morgan

Also in attendance: Parish Clerk: Mrs L Hay; Ward Cllr Pauline Crockett

One member of the public present.

1. To Receive Apologies for Absence – Cllr Paul Stephens and Cllr N Giles.

2. Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensations were made regarding the
Village Hall – received from Cllr Stone; Cllr Clarkson and Cllr Ramsay.

3. Report from local Police Officer – apologies received from PCSO Annette. Recent
Newsletter has been circulated.

4. Report from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett

  1. Full Council met on May 19th for the Annual General Meeting (I was unable to attend).
    This included Election of Council positions and Appointments to Council Committees.
    There will now be 3 Scrutiny Committees each having 11 seats. I will be part of the Adult and Well-being Scrutiny.
    A new Council Constitution was approved, as were the changes to the Councillors Allowances Scheme.
    Full details are available on the Herefordshire Council web site.
  2. New declaration of interest forms are to be completed, this will include the changes to the Code of Conduct (if you have signed up to it). There may be another amendment required once the next Full Council meeting has taken place (14th July)
  3. Herefordshire’s budget priorities consultation is in progress (online until 30.9.17), all information and comments should be directed through Herefordshire Council’s web site.
  4. The Councils overspend on the Blueschool House development (which I and Cllr Matthews highlighted to the Hereford Times) is now being reviewed.
  5. Welsh water have announced that major pipe installation is required in Hereford, this will allow the correct pressures to be supplied to the city dwellings. Work will commence from the Bewdley Bank reservoir in September at a cost of £10m, there will be obvious disruption whilst this essential work is carried out.
  6. Locally, I have been involved in several planning applications, and pot hole reporting and assessments
    As always if anyone has any concerns or questions for my attention, please feel free to e-mail or phone me. pauline.crockett@herefordshire.gov.uk or 01432 760444

5. Open Time – No matters were matters raised by local residents relevant to the Parish
the Chairman closed open time


6. The Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 18th May 2017 were unanimously accepted as a true record; these were adopted and signed by the Chairman.
Matters arising:

6.1 It was agreed to erect a plaque in memory of Robert Beddoes on a stile in the middle of the village. Cllr Ramsay will take measurements and the Clerk will prepare some costings to be agreed at the next meeting.

7. Discuss and update on:

7.1 Cherry Brook – no representation from Cherrybrook.
7.2 News from Newton – nothing to report.
7.3 Queenswood – Minutes of the recent meeting had been circulated.

8. Finance Matters:

8.1 One payment made since last meeting – newsletter printing £120.00
8.2 Outstanding Invoices – schedule of payments circulated. It was
unanimously agreed that these invoices should be paid

9. To Receive Reports:

9.1 Village Hall Committee – Councillor J Stone

The up to date bank balance shows a total of £3,400 but there is an outstanding invoice to be paid of £1,000 to cover recent works in the toilets. Further quotes have been obtained with regard to (a) upgrading the urinals in the gents toilets – £1,000 and (b) replacing the facia boards and general outside maintenance of £1,500. These quotes will be subject to further discussion by the Village Hall Committee.

Cllr Stone was pleased to report that there are new bookings coming in to use the hall with dog training showing interest in booking an extra night.

Cllr Stone’s main concern was use of the car park by residents for general car parking not associated with the village hall – and so not allowing enough space for users of the hall to park when attending classes etc. Cllr Stone said he had put notices on the cars but some persisted.

There was discussion with regard to installing a locked barrier across the entrance. Those using the hall already have a door key – so a barrier key would be added to each key ring. However, it was agreed that this needed to be discussed further and any decision made by the Village Hall Committee.

9.2 Village Footpaths – No report

10. Highway Matters:

10.1 Update re: Balfour Beatty – Locality Steward – no report
10 2 Lengthsman for July/August – nothing needs attention at present.

11. Planning Matters

11.1 Neighbourhood Plan Cllr Ramsay confirmed that the Public Consultation Document had been delivered to all residents and the closing date for its return is the 6th August 2017. It is hoped to receive a positive response with regard to revising the Local Green Space and settlement boundary parts of the Neighbourhood Plan. Once these comments are collated, the Plan will be resubmitted.

11.2 It was noted that Planning Application on the site between Cherrybrook and the caravan park – had been refused.

11.3 The Laurels Planning application – The Chairman had done a site visit and after discussion – no objection.

12. Items for the Next Agenda (no discussion) – It was agreed the next Newsletter would go
out on the 1st October – Councillors promised to provide editorial and to try and encourage local advertising.

13. Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 14th September 2017 – 7.00p.m.

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.00p.m.