Minutes 23rd March 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council Thursday 23rd March 2017 at 7.00pm in Hope under Dinmore Village Hall

Chairman welcomed those present.

Parish Councillors: Cllr Leslie Legge (Chairman) Cllr. N Ramsay; Cllr. K Clarkson; Cllr J. Stone; Cllr A. Morgan (Vice Chairman) Cllr K Rocke; Cllr N Giles.

Also in attendance: Ward Cllr Pauline Crockett; Parish Clerk: Mrs L Hay; PCSO Annette

No members of the public were present


1. Apologies for absence were received from Cllr J Pritchard; Cllr P. Stephens

2. Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensations were made regarding the
Village Hall – received from Cllr Stone; Cllr Clarkson and Cllr Ramsay.

3. Police Report – PCSO Annette reported that Hope under Dinmore had been relatively quiet
during the past two months. There were incidents locally including the theft of a land rover and it would seem there has been a criminal gang working in Bromyard. As usual, if anyone sees anything that may cause concern please dial 101 or 999 in an emergency when a crime is in progress or life is in danger.

4. March Report from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett
1. Full Council voted in favour of accepting the precepts (Council Tax) for all residents in Herefordshire.
2. Funding of £8million from the Marches LEP through the Governments Growth deal has been confirmed. This will enable the commencement of the new University for Hereford, creating opportunities for up to 5,000 students by 2032.
3. Again, funding from the Governments Growth deal has been allocated to Herefordshire Council to develop a new cyber security centre in Rotherwas. This £2.8million will allow a centre of expertise creating 185 jobs.
4. Home care services are being reviewed. No contracts have been awarded at present, as submitted tenders do not meet the required needs of the County. This will be re-procured later in the year, this will not affect the care of residents.
5. I continue to be a member involved in reviewing the Children and young Peoples Mental Health services, at present we (the task and finish group) are interviewing commissioners with an expectation to report our recommendations to Committee in April.
6. A meeting was held between Councillors, Highways England (HE) and Herefordshire Council to address issues along the A49.
The junction from Bodenham A417 onto the A49 was discussed, H E have suggested the possibilities of a roundabout or traffic lights to reduce the risk of accidents in this area. These options were not supported by Councillors. H E are going ‘back to the drawing board’ to explore other designs. Meanwhile, funding is being sought for this project.
It is a pleasure to be part of such a super Parish and Council (not only for the refreshments) and I welcome any comments or concerns from Councillors and Parishioners alike!!
Cllr A Morgan gave her apologies and left the meeting.

5. Open Time -No matters were raised by local residents relevant to the Parish
Open time was closed by the Chairman.

6. The Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 26th January 2017 were unanimously
accepted as a true record; these were adopted and signed by the Chairman.
Matters arising:
6.1 It was agreed to defer a decision on erecting a Plaque in memory of Cllr Beddoes until the next meeting. In the meantime, Clerk to liaise with Mrs Beddoes.
6.2 The official position regarding Councillors non-attendance at meetings was
discussed – no further action required at present.
6.3 It was reported that the wooded area had been sold and work
had already begun to allow access to the gate entrance.

It is understood that the purchaser has approached all relevant authorities and has been re assured that planning is not required – it is understood that he intends to remove the existing trees and to replant as an orchard.

7. Discuss and update on:
7.1 Cherry Brook – The Contractors have not started their grass cutting yet. There is some litter appearing in the brook and unfortunately the rat problem seems to be re-emerging as Spring arrives.

The Clerk to email Hannah Bragg to ask who has the grass cutting contract for this coming year? When the contract starts and if the contract includes littler picking before the mowing? To request some bait boxes to be laid as soon as possible to try and control the ongoing rat problem.

7.2 No News from Newton
7.3 Queenswood – Minutes from 27th Feb meeting – have been circulated

8. Finance Matters:
8.1 One payment made since last meeting – newsletter printing £92.50
8.2 Outstanding Invoices – schedule of payments circulated. It was unanimously agreed that these invoices should be paid.
8.3 The cost of the newsletter was 45p per copy – which showed a saving of almost half on other local quotes. There was discussion on the number of editions; content and it was agreed to defer any decision until the next meeting. In the meantime, Councillors will try and involved/encourage local residents to advertise and/or submit articles.

8.4 Confirmation one bank account now closed – funds transferred.
8.5 The Clerk explained that the External Audit papers had now arrived.
The Clerk explained that Mr Robert Taplin is prepared to come her house in order to audit the other Parish Council accounts. The Clerk asked if she could invite Mr Taplin to audit Hope under Dinmore accounts. This would save a great deal of time and can be done on the spot in one day. It was agreed but the Clerk was asked to write to the local Auditor and explain.

8.5 Annual Clerks review of hours/salary.
The Clerk gave the Chairman a paper copy of the Spinal Column Point showing the 1% increase proposed by NALC. The Parish Clerk left the room. After discussion, the Clerk was invited back into the room – the Councillors had unanimously agreed that the Clerk should receive the 1% increment plus an additional increment to Grade 23.

In view of the Newsletter – it was also agreed to increase the number of hours per week from five to six as from 1st April 2017.

It was also proposed and unanimously agreed that as from April 2018 the Clerk would receive an annual increment of one spinal column point until the top Grade of 27 was reached.

The Clerk thanked the Councillors for their continued support.

9. To Receive Reports:
9.1 Village Hall Committee – Councillor J Stone reported that the present bank balance is £2510 but there are a couple of outstanding cheques to clear.
9.2 Village Footpaths – No report as Footpaths Officer Cllr Adele Morgan had left the meeting.
9.3 Cllr Pritchard as collected the kissing gates ready for erection.
10. Highway Matters:

10.1 Clerk was asked to contact Locality Steward with regard to the potholes appearing at the entrance to Hope village from the A49.
10 2 Work schedule for the legnthsman was deferred but if anything occurs during April/May- Chairman and/or Clerk will liaise with lengthsman.

10.3 The existing sandbags have been re- filled and stored. There are still a number of empty sandbags – which will be stored and if/when necessary sand can be purchased from a local building merchants. A list of the four keys holders
will be prepared by Cllr Rocke and displayed on the three Notice Boards.

10.4 The quotes for extra litter bins were discussed and it was agreed that once the telephone box has been removed a new litter bin would best be positioned in that vacant space. Defer until the next meeting.

11. Planning Maters
11.1 Neighbourhood Plan update – Cllr Ramsay explained that due to the Examiner not supporting the proposal to protect the field at the rear of Tavern meadow – with the help of Consultant, David Nicholson, the Neighbourhood Plan had been revised. In the light of the Examiner’s comments this section of the Plan has been revised and, the steering group, have taken this opportunity to look again at the settlement boundary of the village.

These changes are now subject to a 6-week Public Consolation period and a document re Local Green Pace and settlement boundary has been drafted to be delivered to all residents inviting their comments.

The Parish Council were given a copy of this draft document and unanimously agreed that it should be printed and circulated for the purposes of public consultation. It was also proposed and agreed that the printing costs would be covered within the sum set aside for the Neighbourhood Plan in the 2017-18 precept budget.

12. Items for the Next Agenda (no discussion) Deferred items; litter bin;
Sandbags; Newsletter and defibrillator.

13. The Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting is Thursday 18th May 2017 –
7.00p.m which will be the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish
Council meeting.

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40p.m.