Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 18th May 2017

Annual Parish Meeting Held on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 7.00 Pm Hope Under Dinmore Village Hall


Parish Councillors: Cllr. N Ramsay: Cllr. Mrs K Clarkson; Cllr John Stone; Cllr J Pritchard; Cllr Leslie Legge (Chair); Cllr A Morgan; Cllr Paul Stephens; Cllr N Giles

Also in attendance: Parish Clerk: Mrs L Hay

1. The Chairman welcomed all those present.

2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from – Cllr K PCSO Annette

3. TO APPROVE MINUTES OF MEETING held on 19th May 2016
The minutes had been circulated – these were unanimously accepted and adopted as a true record of the meeting.

4. Chairman’s Annual Report May 2017

Please see attached

5. Open Discussion – no items were raised for discussion that had not been covered in the Chairman’s report or were to be discussed at the Annual Parish Council Meeting.

The Chairman closed the open session.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.20p.m.