Minutes Parish Council Annual Meeting 18th May 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Annual Meeting held on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 7.00 pm in Hope under Dinmore Village Hall

Parish Councillors: Cllr. N Ramsay; Cllr. Mrs K Clarkson; Cllr John Stone; Cllr J Pritchard; Cllr Leslie Legge (Chair); Cllr A Morgan Cllr Paul Stephens and Cllr N Giles.

Also in attendance: Parish Clerk: Mrs L Hay

No members of the public present.

1. Cllr Leslie Legge was unanimously re-elected as Chairman and he signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Chairman form.

2. Cllr Adele Morgan was unanimously re-elected as Vice Chairman

3. To Receive Apologies for Absence – Cllr Katrina Rocke; PCSO Annette

4. All councillors confirmed Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation had not changed since signing their forms in May 2015.

Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensations. Cllr Neil Ramsay; Cllr K
Clarkson and Cllr John Stone declared interest in the Village Hall.

5. To: Elect other Officers:

5.1 Responsible Finance Officer – Lesley Hay was re-elected
5.2 Footpath and Tree Officer – Cllr N Giles was elected
5.4 Representative to the Village Hall Committee – Cllr J Stone was re-elected
5.5 Representatives to the Queenswood Park Advisory Panel – Cllr A. Morgan


6.1 Herefordshire Council – Ward Cllr Crockett’s Report – no report available

6.2 Policing Matters – Local Police Officer – no report available

6.3 Village Hall Committee – Councillor J Stone reported that the bank balance remains stable at around £2,700 with some cheque yet to clear. Cllr Stone thanked the Parish Council for the £750 donation and signed the receipt.

There have been various improvement jobs undertaken recently including paper towel dispensers in the toilets. It is planned to replace the urinals in the gent’s toilet – waiting for quotes before decision to proceed. There are ongoing plans to tidy up the kitchen.

Cllr Stone’s main concern was use of the car park by residents for general car parking not associated with the village hall – and so not allowing enough space for users of the hall to park when attending classes etc. Cllr Stone said he had put notices on the cars but some persisted. There was discussion on the legality of parking on public village hall ground. Clerk to enquire the exact situation with regard to legalities.

There was also discussion on residents/visitors parking on the pavement along the village road in front of Tavern Meadow. This practice means that folk have to walk into the road to get by the cars and it is dangerous for people with pushchairs to be in the middle of the road with the vehicles often approaching at considerable speed.

The situation to be monitored and deferred to next meeting.

6.4 Village Footpaths – Cllr A Morgan – all in good order for time of year.

6.5 Balfour Beatty – Locality Steward – 53 jobs reported during the year most with a positive result. Chairman reiterated his thanks to the Locality Steward for all his support during the year.

6.6 Queenswood & Bodenham Lake Advisory Panel – no up to date news since last meeting. There was discussion regarding the coppicing taking place in the woods – this is apparently to allow additional light and a natural regeneration of the undergrowth. There is no immediate plans to replant at this stage.

7. Open discussion – a complaint had been received with regard to the persistent engine noise coming from the resident in one of the Alms houses and the fact that he was running a business from his house. This matter had been discussed at length in the past and it was agreed that the resident should be encouraged to speak with the Trustees of the Alms houses as this was not a Parish Council matter.

7.1 Chairman closed open session

8. The Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 23rd March 2017 were approved as true record and it was unanimously agreed they be adopted and signed by the Chairman.

Deferred items:

8.1 Robert Beddoes plaque – Wendy Beddoes has asked the Parish Council to chose a spot for Robert’s plaque. Cllr Giles agreed to look for somewhere appropriate and will report back to the next meeting.

8.2 Litter bins – there was some discussion on the responsibility for emptying the village litter bins – in particular the bin just inside Cherrybrook by the Notice Board. The Locality Steward reported that this was not a Herefordshire Council asset and therefore is the responsibility of Stonewater or the Parish Council to get it emptied.

It was decided not to invest in additional litter bins for the time being.

8.3 Sandbags – all in order and notice of key holders on the Notice Boards.

8.4 Newsletter – next edition 1st September

8.5 Defibrillator – deferred.

8.6 Cherybrook – the letter from Hannah Bragg was discussed with regard to the overgrowth either end of the brook. It was acknowledged that this land is privately owned and that the Parish Council have, in the past, encouraged land owners to take responsibility. However, it was felt that it is the rubbish thrown into the brook that causes the blockage and encourages the rat problem.

9. Finance Matters:

9.1 Bank Balances – end of year and current account sheets had been circulated.
9.2 The Annual Governance Statement for 2016/2017 read out by the Chairman was agreed and accepted by Council. The External Audit Form was duly signed by the Chairman and the Clerk as Responsible Finance Officer.
9.3 The Annual Accounts for 2016/2017 had been audited and these were agreed and accepted by Council. The External Audit form was completed and signed by the Chairman and Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer.

9.4 Mr Robert Taplin was again appointed an Internal Auditor.

9.5 To Consider and Approve the following Payments:
Schedule of Payments circulated:
9.5.1 Payments made since last meeting – none
9.5.2 The Clerk confirmed reimbursement of the outstanding VAT
return; Lengthsman and half yearly Precept payment received.
9.5.3 Payment of Outstanding Invoices, as per the schedule of payments, was unanimously agreed and cheques raised and signed.
9.5.4 The Insurance Renewal quote for 2017/2018 presented by Zurich Municipal was discussed and unanimously agreed – cheque signed.
9.5.5 Bank Signatories were confirmed
9.6.6 Donation Churchyard Fund – £750 as per precept/budget
9.6.7 Payment to Internal Auditor – it was agreed to donate £25 as a gift
to the internal auditor – Clerk to get card and voucher.
9.6.8 Further to the Minutes 14th July 16 item 6 – a cheque was raised for
£750 as a donation to the village hall.

10. The existing Standing Orders /Financial Regulations/Financial Risk Assessment/Code of Conduct were reviewed and accepted for the coming year. All signed and dated by the Chairman and Clerk. All Councillors present agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct.

11. Lengthsman work sheet for June and July – nothing needed at present.
11.1 Chairman and Clerk signed Lengthsman Contract for 2017-2018

12. Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Ramsay advised that the revised draft consultation document is now ready. The dates for circulation are to be agreed and it will be distributed shortly.

13. Planning matters – no new applications received.

14. Items for the Next Agenda [no discussion] – none

15. Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting – 13th July 2017 start 7.00p.m.
(apologies from Cllr Giles).

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20p.m.