Minutes Parish Council Annual Meeting 19th May 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Annual Meeting held on Thursday 19th May 2016 at 8.00 pm in Hope under Dinmore Village Hall

Parish Councillors: Cllr. N Ramsay (Chair); Cllr. R. Beddoes; Cllr. Mrs K Clarkson;
Cllr John Stone; Cllr J Pritchard; Cllr Leslie Legge; Cllr A Morgan
Cllr Paul Stephens Cllr K Rocke.

Also in attendance: Ward Cllr Pauline Crockett Parish Clerk: Mrs L Hay

Members of the public: one member of the public

1. To: Elect a Chairman/Sign Declaration of Acceptance
Cllr Neil Ramsay informed Councillors that he had decided to stand down as Chairman for this coming year.
Those present thanked Cllr Ramsay for his many years as Chairman and his dedicated support to Parish Council and in particular his recent commitment to the Neighbourhood Plan.
After discussion, Cllr Legge was unanimously voted in as Chairman.
Cllr Legge accepted the decision and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Chairman form.

Cllr Legge took over the chairing the meeting.

2. To: Elect a Vice Chairman – several names were put forward. Cllr A Morgan was unanimously voted in as Vice Chairman. Both Cllr Ramsay and Cllr K Rocke offered to help and support both the Chairman and Vice Chairman during the coming year.

3. To Receive Apologies for Absence – no apologies received

4. All councillors confirmed Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation had not changed since signing their forms in May 2015.

Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensations. Cllr Neil Ramsay; Cllr K
Clarkson and Cllr John Stone declared interest in the Village Hall.

5. To: Elect other Officers:

5.1 Responsible Finance Officer – Lesley Hay was re-elected
5.2 Footpath and Tree Officer – Cllr Beddoes was re elected
5.4 Representative to the Village Hall Committee – Cllr J Stone was re-elected
5.4 Representatives to the [NAM] – no representatives were elected for 2016/17
5.5 Representatives to the Queenswood Park Advisory Panel – Cllr A. Morgan and Cllr N Ramsay were elected for the coming year.

6. Open discussion

Council was informed that Mrs Pat Austin wished to resign her post as voluntary editor of the Newsletter. A vote of thanks was proposed to Mrs Austin for all her hard work over the past years and the clerk was asked to organise a card and gift to acknowledge this.
Resolved: Clerk to organise.

Lengthy discussion followed and although it was acknowledged that a regular bi-monthly/quarterly Newsletter would probably be welcomed by local residents – it would incur additional expense for preparation/printing/distribution which had not been calculated into the present budget.

However, residents may be prepared to pay towards advertising and to sponsor such a newsletter. It was suggested that the Clerk would put together a ‘pilot’ summer edition of a newsletter and bring to the meeting in July for distribution. These costs would be covered within the budget. In the meantime, residents would be asked for feedback on whether they want a local newsletter and if they would be prepared to financially support it by advertising etc.

Resolved: Clerk to prepare newsletter and liaise re financing/advertising/sponsorship.

6.1 Close Open session – no items were put forward for discussion – session closed.

7. Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 17th March 2016 were agreed; adopted and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

Clerk’s update from minutes:

A new engineer has been appointed at Balfour Beatty and the SID scheme should be back up and running shortly. The Clerk has emailed and declared Hope’s interest the scheme.

New litter bin is in place and is being used. Cllr Legge will empty;

Hedge cutting – as agreed at the last meeting – this work had been carried out by the lengthsman before the summer growth. However, Cllr Pritchard felt that the landowners/hedges owners should, in future, be made responsible for this work and/or should contribute towards the expense already incurred.

There was considerable discussion on this subject and it was agreed to liaise with the Locality Steward regarding various issues – in particular whether it was possible to establish an annual commitment by the owners to keep the hedge cut back now that major trimming/reduction work had been completed.

Sand bags – Balfour Beatty will, after all, be providing sand bags for this coming year. It was felt that Parishes had not been given sufficient time to make other arrangements or to allow for the additional expensive in their current budget/precept.

Clearing the overgrowth from around the well – the lengthsman had looked at the job and it had been agreed to postpone to allow for further discussion as he felt the structure looked very unstable. Cllr Stone and Cllr Ramsay agreed to look at the well and if they thought it possible – they would clear the debris and make good.

The security light at Danfords has been repositioned.

The speed of vehicles travelling through the village is still a major problem despite the new SLOW and CHILDREN PLAYING signs.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Ian Connelly from the Police/Safer Road Partnership and invite him to a future meeting.

8. Finance Matters:

8.1 Lloyds Bank Balances – up to date accounts/end of year were circulated.
8.2 To Approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2015/16
The Annual Governance Statement 2015/2016 was read out by the Chairman and agreed, adopted and signed.
8.3 To Approve the Annual Accounts for 2015/2016
The Annual Accounts for 2015/2016 were circulated – these were discussed; agreed and adopted. The Internal Auditor’s report was acknowledged as a true account.
8.4 To Appoint an Internal Auditor – it was agreed to ask Sara Craig.
8.5 To Appoint/confirm Bank Signatories – these remain as before but it was agreed that the new Chairman Les Legge should now become a signatory.
Resolved : Clerk to get appropriate papers.
8.6 To Consider and Approve the following Payments:
8.6.1 Payments made since last meeting – one payment to lengthsman
8.6.2 Outstanding Invoices – schedule of payments circulated – these were discussed and it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that they should be paid.

Lesley Hay Clerks salary April £185.40
HMRC Clerks PAYE April £25.60
Expenses Expenses 105.28
Lesley Hay Clerks salary May £212.40
HMRC Clerks PAYE May  


D C Gardening Lengthsman April £1176.00   (Paid)
Zurich Insurance £163.70
DJN Planning Neighbourhood Plan £2400.00
St Mary’s PCC Church Yard upkeep £750.00
HALC Audit training £12.00

8.6.3 Insurance Renewal 2016/2017 – this was discussed and Clerk explained that she had obtained several quotes and the lowest was for £163.70 with Zurich for a one year contract. It was unanimously agreed to go with the quote.
Resolved: Clerk to inform Zurich
8.6.4 Donation Churchyard Fund -it was unanimously agreed to make a grant of £750
8.6.5 Payment to Internal Auditor- Clerk to organise flowers or £25.00 gardening voucher

9. It was confirmed that the Clerk’s annual appraisal had been carried.

10. The Standing Orders; Financial Risk Assessment; Code of Conduct were accepted and adopted and signed by Chairman. The Clerk explained that there was an up dated version of the Financial Regulations – these were accepted and signed by the Chairman and Clerk

11. Lengthsman work sheet for June and July – as the lengthsman had recently strimmed all areas around the village and Newton Lane – it was agreed that no further work would be necessary for these two months. However, should urgent attention be required – please contact Chairman or Clerk.

12. Neighbourhood Plan Report –

Neighbourhood Development Plan – Update Report May 2016
The NDP Steering Group has met with two of the potential local developers to discuss comments the consultation period. Details of this meeting and other parts of the consultation process are available in the NDP Consultation Statement which forms part of the overall submission.
The Submission Draft is now ready to pass to Herefordshire Council and from them to an Independent examiner. If approved, there will be a parish wide referendum to agree its implementation.
Various aspects of the plan were discussed and it was unanimously agreed by the Parish Council to submit the completed Draft Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents to Herefordshire Council.

Resolved: Clerk and Cllr Ramsay would confer on emailing the plan.

13. Planning matters – two new applications received.
Maythorne – 161221 proposed side and rear extension

A site visit had been carried out and after discussion with the developers it was agreed that there were no planning objections.
However, it was noted that the erection of a garage had encroached on to agricultural land and the clerk was asked to make this observation in her report to the Planning Officer.

Land near to Block Cottage (161282)
Installation of 0/75 diameter VSAT dish antenna on existing mast and associated works.

Site visit had been carried out and after discussion with resident at Block Cottage – no objection to planning application

Resolved: Clerk to inform Planning Officer on both accounts.

Update on Church Hill – keep a watching brief as bungalow and land now up for sale.
The Grange – planning permission had been refused.

14. Items for the Next Agenda [no discussion] – Laptop and Printer

15. Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 21st July 2016 at 7.00p.m.

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00p.m.