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St Mary’s church

News from the Church

A number of significant improvements to the church are planned for this year. These include repairs to the fabric, including the organ, installation of a toilet and kitchen facilities and making the chancel into a dedicated Chapel for children. Residents are invited to come to the Church at 7pm on Thursday April 19th to see the plans and hopefully to take the opportunity to see some of the treasures it contains.

The Services are held once a month at 11.15 by the Rev. Celia Rees 01568 616581

St Mary’s church sits on a hill on the opposite side of the A49 from the vilage. A subway under that busy road connects it safely to the rest of the village.
The main body of the church was built in 1879 and 1896 using local stone.The tower remains from the medieval church, and probably dates back to the 12th or 13th century. Hidden away behind the organ is a dramatic sculptural monument to the infant son of Earl and Countess Conyngsby who died in 1708 by choking on a cherry.

Amongst the many memorials in the churchyard is a war grave in memory of airman Victor Allen, who died aged 19 in 1944. Details of this, along with some wonderful pictures and other memories, can be found here: